ITV Coronation Street: Film LOT Replication

Client: ITV PLC and Peel Media
Date: 2013
Contractor: Mace Group

History in the making, Engaged to take on the diverse roles of Lead Architectural Consultants and Designers in 2008 CS LOT relocation including Support Accommodation and new film Studios. Great importance was to take the existing buildings and external spaces and to “Upscale” the whole LOT to more realistic proportions. JDS diligently undertook microscopic  surveys and detailed work, plus, exhaustive research in sourcing reclaimed and reproduction materials of true likeness and to mitigate environmental constraints such as acoustics, orientation of the sun, wildlife, etc... The CS LOT was carefully planned and detailed to take account of the exacting requirements of the whole ITV & CS Production team for the replication of the existing Quay Street Facility in successfully delivering continuity and safeguarding the future of the Nations most loved serial drama.